Hotels in Tarragona. Discover our Hotel SB Ciutat de Tarragona.

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Hotel en Tarragona ciudad

Hotel in Tarragona city

Tarragona, the historical city with Mediterranean essence, has a wide range of touristic, cultural and gastronomical offers. From taking a stroll along the narrow streets, going through different types of routes in Tarraco, and finding out the different decades, its popular fests, as well as its architectural and human heritage.

That’s why you decide to book in one of the hotels in Tarragona. You want to discover the specific character of the urban metropolis. And, if you stay in a centric hotel, it will be better for you.

Hotel SB Ciutat is ubicated by the Imperial Tarraco square. Among the hotels in Tarragona, we are only 15 minutes away from the ancient Roman area and just 5 minutes from shopping mall.

And we also want you to discover the city in the best way possible. We present you now our available offers, so that you choose that which adapts better to your travel.

1- Find out the special discounts for those who anticipate

You need to stay 3 or more nights in a hotel and don’t know among which in Tarragona to choose. We present you our 10% discount in Hotel SB Ciutat if you book with anticipation or if you stay with us three nights.

In case you need to do a long stay of 7 nights or more, you can enjoy 15% discount.

2- Experience the Roman city of Tarraco

Take a stroll in the most ancient neighborhood and look into its architectural heritage, such as the theatre, the amphitheatre, Roman circus, the forum’s remains or the necropolis by SB Hotels.

Discover the ancient city and the architectural remains together with one of the best hotels in Tarragona. Everything there is to know about Tarraco is taught in the guided tour on Sunday mornings. But only if you choose this historical experience. Furthermore, you will stay in a comfortable Double room with breakfast included.

3- Enjoy the day at Port Aventura

Tarragona is just a few kilometers of the thematic park Port Aventura. Among the hotels in Tarragona, the SB Ciutat is in an ideal place to spend the night after a perfect day with family, friends or your couple at the thematic park.

With the offer, you can choose one-day pass or two-day pass. Besides the access to the park, you also have one night or two night included and a breakfast to recover energy quickly.

4- Make a romantic getaway

habitación jacuzzi de nuestro hotel de Tarragona

Jacuzzi room of our hotel in Tarragona

The city has a wide range of gastronomical and cultural offer for a perfect romantic getaway.

You can take a stroll along the medieval center or the Rambla, from the Font del Centenari to the airy “balcony” with a splendid view of the Mediterranean, and see the sunset. This could be one of the many ideas for your loving surprise.

SB Ciutat supplies you with an ideal plan, which includes a bottle of cava at arrival and a love kit in order to celebrate your special tryst.

There is also another romantic offer, that also includes a night at the lovely Suite and a massage together with your couple.

5- Stroll comfortably through the city

While it is true that the city is very extensive, there are also many places to visit. And in the outlying districts, too. If you want to go sightseeing all of them, the most comfortable way is by Electrokars.

Among the hotels in Tarragona, we offer our offer Tarragona Tour. It is a green alternative vehicle by which you will be able to sightsee and to park easily.

6- Take part in one of the most important sport events

If you are who love doing sport and want to live the city in a different way, you must compete at Triathlon in Tarragona, during the 7th and 9th August. Take advantage of all the benefits that SB Ciutat provides, among the hotels in Tarragona.

And you now know our offer portfolio. We have it to give you the best time in the city according with your needs. We want to highlight the quality of services in our hotels in Tarragona.

At SB Ciutat, you have the option to stay at Standard, Triple, Quadruple, Family, Suite or Jacuzzi Suite room. In the same way, you can enjoy the swimming pool on the terrace, taste the best dishes at Mare Nostrum restaurant, stay at Punt de Trobada bar or use the Room Service.

And you now have no excuses to visit the city. Choose which experience is the most appropriate with your needs. Enjoy our services at Hotel SB Ciutat!

And, eventually, live the Mediterranean essence of Tarragona.

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